Revanesse Versa


Revanesse Versa


For those who are looking to take control of the signs of aging, Revanesse Versa is a multi-purpose dermal filler that leverages state-of-the-art production methods, optimal ingredients and rigorous quality testing to provide remarkable results.

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VERSA™ is the latest, most advanced FDA-approved dermal filler to control the signs of aging. It is injected into the facial tissue to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles and creases, resulting in a smoother look. Another bonus? It has proven to have a lower rate of swelling, meaning you can get back to your regular life almost immediately after the treatment!


Versa’s advanced refinement technology and proprietary formula makes its particles uniquely spherical and uniform, providing optimal smoothness and volume.


Versa’s spherical particles are easily accepted by the body and break down slowly over time.


In a clinical study comparing (HA) dermal fillers, Restylane was shown to produce swelling 25% more often than Revanesse Versa.


Versa avoids mass production methods and chooses to produce its products in small batches to ensure that it adheres to the highest quality standards.

Check out these amazing before and after stories from actual patients!

Ellen, 60

Ellen tried Revanesse® VersaTM because she was looking for a more youthful appearance. She chose the treatment for its ability to provide natural looking results. She was hoping for a change that was subtle enough that friends & acquaintances would think she looked good, but not be able to place exactly what was different.

Before her Revanesse® VersaTM treatment (left), Ellen had moderate lines appearing from the base of her nose to the outer corners of her mouth. She also had some wrinkling in the corners of her mouth.

Ellen’s after image (right), taken within 2 hours of the treatment, shows a natural, but noticeable difference in the reduction of wrinkles and increased smoothness in the treated areas.

Number of Syringes: 2
Total Volume Injected: 1.7 mL


Krista, 42

Krista had heard positive feedback from friends who had tried dermal fillers. She wanted to see how the treatment would work for her. After her treatment Krista told us she loves the results because they are subtle, yet gave her face a “fresh new look”.  She told us her friends all think she looks “amazing” and want to know what she is doing differently!

Before her Revanesse® VersaTM treatment (left), Krista had deep lines appearing from the base of her nose to the outer corners of her mouth.

2 hours after her treatment (right), she had an immediate reduction in the severity of the lines in the treated areas.

Number of Syringes: 1
Total Volume Injected: 1 mL


Anne, 51

Anne wanted to take control and manage the signs of aging. She was looking for a renewal treatment with results that would be noticeable yet natural looking. She was hoping to look like “herself” only slightly “fresher”.

Before her Revanesse® VersaTM treatment (left), Anne had lines appearing from the corners of her mouth to her jowls. The shape of her chin and jowls showed signs of sagging. 

2 hours after her treatment (after), she had a more even and fuller jawline and noticeably less lines around the corners of her mouth. 

Number of Syringes: 3
Total Volume Injected: 2.6 mL